What do you choose WEBSITE OR MOBILE APP

We live in a Digital world now, and many business owners or those who want to launch new projects want to transform their project from the real world to the virtual world, so they turn to creating a website or application, and there are also others who want to create a digital project from the beginning and they are also thinking of creating an app or a website. But the question remains, which is more important for business and which should be created first, the website or the mobile application? you can also read how to build a successful website in 2023?

The general idea now is that everyone has a mobile phone and it is easier to deal with mobiles than computers or labtops, but actually that does not mean that the web market is dead, as using mobiles does not mean that you will only use mobile applications, as you can also browse different web pages and so on.

So should I make a website or a mobile application first?

The answer to that question depends on several factors such as :

1. Your requirements and why do you need website or app for.

2. Type of your audience and what they will prefer.

3. Which is more accessible, it’s known that mobiles nowadays is more interactive, but a good mobile site can also be navigated from a mobile browser without the need to install the mobile app.

4. Which is more user-friendly, most websites have a static user interface, but mobile apps can have an interactive user interface. You should consider what is your business and what will fit for it, for example a mobile app will be better for games developers.

5. Which has better speed, we live in a fast world and no one has time for a slow platform, the speed of the platform is very important, mobile apps are fast but require installation and that could consume time, but in the other hand some mobile apps work offline and do not need an internet connection in contrary to websites that’s always requires internet access.

6. Marketing, Search Engine Optimization can play a role in free marketing, and SEO is only possible for the mobile sites or websites, so if you choose to make a mobile app you will miss a big part of search engine traffic.

7. Online or offline, if your target audience lives in place with good internet connection it’s favorable to make a website, and if your target audience lives in place with bad internet connection or will be used during traveling it’s much better to build a mobile app.

8. Your budget, if you have low budget it’s advisable to develop a website first as it’s cheaper than developing a mobile app, as the latter one must be adjusted to each platform like iOS and Android.

So in the end, it’s advisable for startup business to create a website first that is user friendly than building a highly cost mobile app, unless your business requires a mobile app only.

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