Terms and Conditions

Your visit and use of the ‘Rowallc.com website and all the services provided therein means your acceptance of the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the website, and these terms are subject to change and modification from time to time at our discretion. This document is a legally binding agreement between you as a user and Rowa Group LLC, if you do not agree to the above, and to be bound by this user agreement, please do not use our services (visit our website, register, … etc.).

  • Service description:
  • Rowallc.com” is a website owned by Rowa Group LLC , headquartered in Wyoming, United Stattes, that provides integrated services in the field of graphic design, websites, video and publications design.
  • General Provisions
  • When you order the services of Rowa Group LLC, you agree, acknowledge and be bound by the terms and policies of dealing with Rowa Group LLC:
  • We do not provide any of our services until after paying 60% of the contract value as proof of seriousness, and the remaining 40% of the contract value upon delivery of the design. The same applies to contracts for designing videos, websites and other services.
  • In the event that the design is completed, it will be delivered to you immediately and completely on the specified date, and the duration of the work is agreed upon in writing, and you have no right to delay in paying any debt you owe.
  • All files and information required for the design are taken and must be available to you. After presenting the design to the customer for the first time as a “first rehearsal,” he has the right to request modification twice at most, and each modification after that is calculated at a value of 30% of the design value.
  • In the event that you request to cancel the project before starting the design, you are obligated to pay an administrative fee of 30% of the value of the first installment of the contract, and the rest of the payment will be refunded to you.

We are committed to providing technical support for a full year if your site is on the company’s hosting while ensuring that the site remains stable on our hosting by 99%. In the case of moving to another hosting, you do not have the right to ask us for any technical support or any software modification.

We have the right to change plans and prices at any time in accordance with our marketing policy, and this does not give you the right to request any difference in price that may result between new offers and reserved plans.

We are not responsible for damages to your site as a result of errors you make.

You are responsible for the content of any project, whether this project is a design, a website or a marketing video.

You do not have the right to defame, defame, or offend the site and services of Rowa Group LLC. Instead, you have the right to go to the competent authorities to submit your complaint before the competent courts to consider any issues between the parties.

The website code (the code) is the property of Rowa Group LLC, and it may not be copied, modified, or resold except with the permission of Rowa Group LLC.

All requests or works carried out by the company are restricted to a specific time, and take from one to 30 working days at most as needed, and the customer has the right to recover his full account if the company defaults on the delivery date.

You understand and agree that all designs are to be submitted in PDF or PNG format, and also agree that the delivery of the open source file (PSD, AI) is 10% of the total design value.

General Terms

The customer is responsible for spelling errors in the designs.

All promotions for our services are not subject to the annual rates charged for these services.

In the event that the design of all websites is

completed and the customer (the first party) agrees to the design, and programming has begun, any subsequent modification will be at an additional fee.

In the event that all design services are used electronically, produced in print, or used in any way, the work is considered finished and any subsequent modification will require a new service.


We provide our services “as available,” without any representations or warranties of any kind, either express or implied, relating to the use of rowallc.com or its content or services.

We provide our services “as available,” without any representations or warranties of any kind, either express or implied, relating to the use of rowallc.com or its content or services.


The use of or reliance on the information received or accessed by the user through the site is the responsibility of both the persons who provide it and the persons who use it.

We do not guarantee or warrant that the Site will not be temporarily suspended due to any malfunction or that it is free from problems or errors.

 In all cases, we will not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from:

Use of or inability to use the Website.

Disclosure of your user name and/or password.

Any error, omission or inaccuracy of the Website and/or the Website Content.

publicity and announcement

Your affiliation with Rowallc automatically entitles you to receive messages, special offers and promotions, mailings or text messages. These messages are used to inform you or alert you of new offers or services that we think may be of interest to you.  If you feel that these messages and communications are not suitable for you, you may notify us directly.

Intellectual property

All intellectual property rights, whether registered or unregistered on the site, and all information and designs, whether text, graphics, software, images and videos, and their selections and formats, as well

as all software compilations, source codes and master programs, and all contents of “rowallc.com” are protected by copyright laws  Publishing and national trademarks

You may not change or delete any copyright, trademark, proprietary right or copyright, and you must follow and note all additional copyright notices or other restrictions on any part of the Site.

All other trademarks not owned by Rowallc or its affiliates that appear on this website are the property of their respective owners, who may or may not be affiliated with, associated with, or sponsored by Prosliner or its affiliates.


We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace any term or condition of these User Conditions, or to change, suspend or discontinue the Service or the Site at any time, by sending a notification to you through WhatsApp or email.

If you are not satisfied with the site and services of Rowa Group LLC, please let us know by sending a message to us on WhatsApp or via the following email: info@rowallc.com

 The solution available to you if you are not satisfied with the services of Roy Tech is to stop.

Force Majeure

The management of Rowallc shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform its obligations under these Terms of Service in the event of any causes or circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to, war, natural disaster, fire, power failure  , vandalism, riots, and civil unrest.

These conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the London of United Kingdom, and the application of the United Nations Convention of Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is expressly excluded. We both agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the district of London City, which means that you may bring a claim to enforce your consumer protection rights in connection with these Conditions of Use in Wyoming or in the USA country in which you live. If you would like to bring a matter to our attention, please contact us.